Slow Paced Updates

Many of these are dated entries - plenty still happening - so much in fact that updates lag =)


The Hive - Tierra's new arts and education center, is off and running. Updates on activities to follow. For now, our TRAILS day program and Employment Services are settling in.

Mijanou Fortney, a Washington based ceramic artist, invited Treibdesign to be Artists in Residence for a month at her studio in the Tierra Learning Center

The pole structure being erected along the main drive to the Retreat Center will shelter donkeys and allow space for guests and visitors to interact and learn more about Land management objectives at Tierra.





After many years of service the old Garden House has been removed for new building with attached greenhouse.

Alfalfa hay for sale!


Land Stewardship

"In 2023, Tierra completed a renewed forest stewardship plan to help prioritize activities for protecting community members and facilities while also restoring the integrity of the forest by reducing fuel loads.”

The donkey shed receives new signage telling a little bit about what goes where on the property.

Store carbon in the soil - not the air

Check out the good work by RestoreChar introducing and helping spred the biochar word.



Mountain Sprouts kids enjoy the winters first snow mountains.

The months and seasons roll by. Find out what November brings.

Nanking cherries seem to be a favorite.



WE BIRD! Tierra's an ongoing sponsor and offers great overnight accommodations packages for the weekend of May 15-17 - take a look!

Long in coming this winter but the winter tracks are in

With a recent lightning storm the North Central Cascades flared up with over 100 spot fires - one in our own back yard!