A Community Based Organization Fostering Stewardship, Inclusiveness & Positive Growth

The Tierra Learning Center is an umbrella organization holding our community of individuals and business together on 320 acres in the North Central Cascade Foothills with a shared vision of how to get positive things accomplished. Tierra Learning Center's business and non-profit enterprises all have web sites linked on the left - together we promote sensible stewardship of the land, positive and life-long learning and a spirit of inclusion. Please check out What's Happening at Tierra.

Our Retreat Center offers groups exclusive use of our upper canyon area - please see Tierra Retreat for more information.

A few updated photos as programming starts...

From a recent write up about Tierra Learning Center and our forestry/fuel reduction efforts:

"In 2010, Tierra completed a forest stewardship plan to help prioritize activities for protecting community members and facilities while also restoring the integrity of the forest by reducing fuel loads. Tierra’s land managers recognized that years of fire suppression had left the Sunitsch Canyon forest overstocked with small trees – .”