Slow Paced Updates

Many of these are dated entries - plenty still happening - so much in fact that updates lag =)


After a few winter months secluded in hermitage, MF Pottery returns to the refurbished Art Barn and begins classes again.

The time has come to pry back the encroaching vines and see what remains from this original homestead building.

Preparations underway for new 6.5 kW grid-tie solar project.



First of the Napa Cabbages coming in from the fields. Garden Organics is ramping into high gear with the first of the early summer veggies.

We're making bio char and trying all sorts experiments - one of the simplest quality controls - worms!

Willy's work horse


Land Stewardship

November rains correlated with the two Tierra hands returning to our continuing forest health fuel reduction efforts.

Walking drainages in the upper 40 in preparation for long term Forest Practice Application

We have a fledgling bio char project here at TIerra just written up in an industry November newsletter. Follow the Link



A spring tour of  Mountain Sprouts Preschool with Teacher Naomi

In the Elderberry



Oft put off -  but raised annually.

Amongst our ongoing forest thinning and fire safety project we are making a beautiful trail...

Lot's going on this spring.